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At lenght: We uploaded a first rehaersel (rough-mix) of the song "Alphawolf" for you under audio/video ... enjoy listening!

Sorry, Folks ... Mario hurt his hand really bad, so we had to cancel our gig at the Metal-Camp. We´ll use the rehabilitation-time to finish the recordings (solis and vocals). Anyway there will be an intermission in playing gigs ...

We announce that Geri quit the band!!!
Because of his job he shifted his priorities and so he left "Alphawolf"!!!
But he will be within reach of us and th crowd in his function as webmaster!!!

We made a short video of the drum-recording-sessions, that you can download at audio/video.

Drums and bass of our upcoming 10-Track-CD are recorded already. Details to the recording-sessions are following soon!

We are already recoring our first full-length-cd.
You can check few examples at audio.

We´re honored to introduce two new alphawolf-members to the crowd: Mario is our drummer now, and Wolf plays the 4-string. Instead Geri changes to lead-vocals, Mike returns to his guitar-roots.

The drummer on the mic!!! The video of the song "Propaganda/Sepultura" performed at the "Metal For Free Festival" is ready to download.

At the 14.1.2005 on the METAL FOR FREE FESTIVAL in Salzburg/Arge "DICHT" is going to rock the stage!!! For those who don´t know, "DICHT" is a sideproject from ALPHAWOLF and Friends.
Don´t miss this great event!!! (Thanx, Possession!!)

We have updated our guestbook! For more clearness you can add now a comment to an existing entry. So go for it and write, write, write...

We have 6 Songs, which we recorded in our rehearsal room on 27.07.2004, for you to download! The downloads are available for 333 hours at the audio/video section. So hurry up to prepare for the upcoming gig with ANTHRAX!!!

Once again we are proud to perform our "Zwangsbeschallung" as support of a well-known band!

01.08.2004 » ANTHRAX « Rockhouse Salzburg

For tickets write to tickets@alphawolf.net

First recordings from ALPHAWOLF:
Home-Recording Version of "Gottvolk"
here to download

A thrashed THANK YOU for all who rocked with us last Saturday at the Spring Metal Festival!!! You are great!!!
For those who miss this event, we have a video of the song "Aufwachen, Hinsetzen, Maul halten, Zuhören" here to download.

We are proud to perform our "Zwangsbeschallung" with 2 well-known bands!

06.03.2004 » Pungent Stench « ARGE Salzburg/Nonntal
17.03.2004 » Morbid Angel « Rockhouse Salzburg

For tickets write to tickets@alphawolf.net