:: the band ::

Alphawolf is a Thrash-Metal-Band from Salzburg/Austria: thoroughgoing, aggressive, fast, and in the first instance LOUD!

:: music ::

The drumming convinces with spontaneity and steeliness, and with merciless 2/4-attacks it drives both "stringthrillers" into a diabolic interplay between brute force and sensitiveness. Stylistically attended are musical recognisability as well as compact arrangements. Prefered is a hammering and stamping riffing with some ear candy inlays. Melodies and soli that gives you the creeps, furthered with Dive-Bombs like a punch in the gut keep the music of ALPHAWOLF a little bit erratic and unpredictable.

:: content ::

The vocals are kept very raw and unpolished, and Mike composed the lyrics in german language, without exception. Overriding topics are the brutalisation and self-estrangement of the western society, and the rootless being of it´s egomaniac townsfolk, also other alleged humanistic innovations of this civilisation and it´s colonialising primate-leaders.

:: chronicle ::


In time with the the first bars of the year, after many years of playing side by side in coecxisting bands, Andreas Besenböck (guitar), Gerald Müller (drums, vocals) und Michael Winklmair (vocals, bass) decide to break new ground and merge their musical paths. As inspiration for noise-attacks in the future they make a short summer-holiday at the netherlands. The rest of the year is used to compose a couple of straight and fast Thrash-Songs, defining the band´s own style along the way.


In the first half of the year the band writes more songs to complete and arrange a full live-setlist. Andi has to work in L.A., and meets Kerry King, Dimebag Darrell and Boba Fett !!! (Paul Stanley too is somewhere around ...) In late August the whole material gets tested at an inofficial gig with INOIL: the first time for ALPHAWOLF in front of the crowd!!! 2 months later the first official gig follows with COLLAPSE7 and LEGACY OF HATE at the HALLOWEEN METAL FESTIVAL in Salzburg.


Andi in L.A. again: "Meetings" with Tom Araya, Dave Lombardo, Steve Vai, Jason Newsted und Dave Mustaine. March is a vertile month: Together with POSSESSION the pack got ignited for PUNGENT STENCH at the SPRING METAL FESTIVAL. 6 days later few ears get shot at the SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND-festival in Innsbruck. In turn, 5 days later, as coronation of this month, we are honored to open the evening for MORBID ANGEL and KRISIUN. This is parallel the first time for ALPHAWOLF playing a gig at the Rockhouse in Salzburg. In early August, again at the Rockhouse, the band is proud and happy to make the crowd loud for ANTHRAX.

:: instrumentation ::

Mike Winklmair
Vocals, Guitar
Andi Besenböck
Mario Burku
Wolf Burku